Property Finder Services

Taking the grind from the groundwork
• Do you want to rent or buy a home?
• Are you looking for an off-market property in London?
 Do you want to ‘buy to let’?
Are you an expat / corporate executive?
• The art of negotiation
• Harmony through a holistic approach
• Relocation agents

Property Finders Services

Property Finders Services

Do you want to rent or buy a home?
• We build a picture of the type of architecture, lifestyle and space you prefer. We discuss the criteria of most importance such as local transport, schools, health clubs, airports etc
• Your budget is agreed. We will never attempt to push you over this figure.
• We commence the search and update you regularly on progress.
• We escort you to a selected shortlist – a process that can take up to six months for purchase (or until a suitable property has been found) or a month for a rental
• We can also help you to rent or sell your existing property, ensuring it achieves its optimum price

Do you want to ‘buy to let’?
• In the case of ‘buy to lets’ and onward sales for profit we advise on the best ways to renovate, redevelop and market a property to help it reach its maximum market potential
• We also advise on the best ways of staging or dressing a property for maximum impact.

Are you an expat / corporate executive?
Windsor, Reading, Richmond or Slough?
• Most expats depend on hearsay for their residential choice
• We provide a more objective and honest appraisal of locations, comparing your company’s recommendations to our own
• We will welcome you to London and explain the advantages and disadvantages of shortlisted areas and establish your requirements such as budget, proximity to local schools, local transport, airports, health clubs and facilities
• Bespoke Property Finder will source and view properties on your behalf and present you with a shortlist.
• Once properties have been identified, we escort you on viewings
• We conduct all negotiations for the selected property
• We facilitate the move, co-ordinating gas, electricity and telephone.
• We will help integrate you into your new location and introduce you to local amenities

The art of negotiation
• You can depend on our understanding of prevailing market conditions and local insights to conduct all negotiations in your favour and on your behalf.
• We have an extensive network of contacts within the property markets. As ‘insiders’, we know how much room there is for manoeuvre and are more likely to secure a realistic price We work exclusively for you and aim to secure the best possible price at all times.

Harmony through a holistic approach
• Our clients are increasingly anxious about invisible concerns such as geopathic stress, the siting of telecom/mobile phone masts, EMF (electromagnetic field) pollution, air pollution and aspects of feng shui. More info on geopathic stress, EMF (electro-magnetic) pollution and feng shui expert advice
• If called upon, we will help you determine the best possible holistic outcome to ensure healthy domestic harmony

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